Millions More on Statins–What This Cardiologist Thinks!

Stay connected with our free email newsletter at Help support us at Recommendations often change for prescription drugs. That was the case just a couple years ago for popular statin drugs. Hear what Dr. Stephen Sinatra thinks of those new guidelines that could put more than a quarter of adults on statins!

How To Find and Eliminate Inflammatory Foods

Help support us at Stay connected at Nutrition expert JJ Virgin discusses her book and diet program that can help you identify and eliminate foods that you are intolerant to or react to, but may not realize it. Find out what it feels like to actually feel good with the help of this […]

Is This Cancer Treatment Not Helping?!

Help support us at Stay connected weekly at Is a common first option for a cancer treatment really unnecessary? Find out what the latest research is showing. Also learn about the potential connection between your gut health, the amount of hours you work in a week and your heart health!

Your Doctor Likely Isn’t Talking To You About This Key Health Factor!

Stay connected with our free email newsletter Help support us at Dr. James Chestnut discusses different forms of stress and how the body perceives them. He discusses what you typically won’t hear from a doctor when you visit them and what they’re more likely to talk about during that visit!

Every Chiropractic Adjustment Does This!

Help support us at Stay connected to the latest by going to If you are out of alignment, what is that doing inside your body? Is it more than just a feeling in your back, neck or shoulders? Dr. John Minardi explains what is happening when your spine is out of alignment. You […]

Urgent Warning for This Common Medication!

Stay up-to-date with our newsletter at Help support our mission at A new warning for one of the most common types of medication has been issued. Find out what you need to know! Also learn about another connection to sugar that could have a link to your kids. And could the sunshine vitamin […]

The Truth About Fluoride

Help support us at Get the latest at Dr. David Kennedy discusses what you’re not being told about the use of fluoride in water and as a preventive dental measure. Find out what’s being talked about and more importantly, what’s not being talked about when it comes to fluoride and your health!

Why He Says You Should Stop Drinking Tap Water

Help support us at Stay up-to-date weekly at Just how much are you exposed to by bathing or drinking tap water? And how much do you absorb through your skin? The answer might surprise you. Dr. David Kennedy explains some of the issues in this video and why he says there should be […]

Banned for More Than a Decade, This Chemical is Still Present!

Help support us at Get our free email newsletter at Learn about a chemical that’s been banned for more than a decade, but is still showing up in high concentrations in certain people. Also learn of more benefits for those who love chocolate and a warning for those who are on multiple prescription […]