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Happy New Year! Just sharing some items that I have been enjoying, and will continue to enjoy in the future. My internet has been working perfectly, now my computer is misbehaving!!

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My Permanent Eyeliner Video:

My Thoughts on CF Brands Being Purchased by Non Cruelty Free Companies:
Below are a some links to help you locate, and price a product. Always check for the best price possible. If you should click on these links, I may receive income. Please let me know if a link does not work.
30 Ozark Trail Tumbler:

Set of 10 stainless steel straws with cleaning brush:

Cellophane Bags 8x4x18:

Cellophane Bags 12x4x20:

100 Sheets of Large Tissue Paper:

100 clear zipline bags 3×4:

Set of 2 telescopic magnetic Flashlights:
IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream 50 SPF in Medium: or

Milani Powder Blush in Tea Rose:, or

Mally Poreless Face Defender:

Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow in Heather (Not CF)

IT Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Eyeliner (pencil) navy in the upper waterline: or

IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volume Mascara $24.00: or
Travel size $12.00:
QVC – 2 Full size Superhero Mascaras for $26.36 is still available – search A266445, or Superhero:

NYX Tame & Frame:
applied with:
Trish McEvoy Eyebrow Brush:

IT Cosmetics Blurred Line Lipstick in IR Girl Red:
Ebates – I do earn $5.00 if you sign up here:

Octoly: I do earn 20 points if you sign up here for free cosmetics, and do a review, on YT.
Beenigma – Both jars are the same size, 50ml.

Beenigma Subscription Service Total price $89.99:

Link To QVC, search Beenigma $108.38 total price:
SKINCARE PRODUCTS I USE – See video linked below. It was uploaded on Dec 15, 2016. In the “Show More” links will be provided for the products I use, along with step-by-step instructions:

My favorite “tool” I use to examine my skin, and tweeze my eyebrows.I bought mine almost 10 years ago. It’s the Floxite 15x Magnification Lighted Mirror – (This is the best price I found, and it’s $20.00 less than I paid for it)
$5.00 off coupon code from SENSATIONAL
Note: Timeless allows only one discount code per order. I do not make any money, or receive anything if you use this code. To receive 20% off, the code is – maryellenFANITY2016 There is no shipping, or handling. My video review of this product:
(women over 45) Please click below

Elle is For Livings’ list:

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All products mentioned by me, I have purchased , or given to me as gifts by personal friends, and family. Any time I ever receive a product free, I will definitely mention it, and put an “*” in front of the time. I have never accepted money to do a video, nor have I accepted items, for a positive review.

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