MAY HAUL! Sephora-Ulta & Viseart DUPES ? My Life Update !

My MAY Makeup and skincare haul, some VISEART Cheek and Eye Dupes and an update on life in our crazy house… Products used on my face and/or talked about today: IHeartDogs: Help out shelter animals and get cool stuff too! DERMA ROLLER: KAT VON D Trooper Eyeliner: KISS Lash Glue with Aloe: […]


HELLO From New York! I am at The IMATS Makeup Convention in New York City this weekend. Will release the FOUNDATION WARS 2 Part Videos next week! Also, I am filming here at IMATS. Just thought I’d keep you in the loop. Miss you! Have YOU Subscribed to my channel? Please do! I’d really appreciate […]

DermaRoller 101 Safe & Easy Demo! Older Women Rolling

Derma Roller Dermarolling…micro-needles…should you try this? I demonstrate the safe and careful way to derma roll, the process of rolling tiny needles over your skin to generate collagen production and create beautiful new skin. I go over the pros and cons, how to prep, how to hold the device and exactly what pattern to roll […]

Jane Iredale – History & Makeover – The DOCUTORIAL !

Jane Iredale is a remarkable person and her somewhat elusive makeup line is new to me. Jane Iredale makes skincare cosmetics…high quality, good for your skin and Cruelty Free! Terrific for sensitive skin, those suffering with acne or rosacea and for healing skin post treatment or surgery. Jane where have you been all my YouTube […]

Age Problems In Sexual Life ? || DR samaram || Sex Science || Swathi Naidu || CVR Health

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