How to save eggplant seeds… The BnBob way…

Saving eggplant seeds is very easy to do & a great way to get the kids interested in gardening.. Subscribing to us at Bits Out the Back is as easy as clicking below You can also find Bits Out the Back on Facebook, Instagram & G+ where we post mini updates on the aquaponics/aquaculture, […]

How to Grow Eggplants – The Complete Guide

Growing eggplants in your garden is easy. In this episode we show you how to grow eggplants, purple eggplants easily in yoru home garden. We start from sowing seeds to germinating eggplant seeds indoors in a greenhouse and moving on to transplanting them in containers and raised beds. We also look at eggplant harvests from […]

Wicking bed & Straw bale garden update.. 1st May 2013

Really love the growth the garden puts on at this time of year but with the milder weather creeping up on us I think I will be wishing it was spring soon enough.. The hay bale bed looks to be working just fine & am looking forward to planting out some spuds soon.. Have made […]

Wicking bed vegetable garden & update on the chickens 11th july 2013

Time for a wander through the patch in the backyard.. Am happy with how things are growing & have been harvesting a few veggies every day to go with our dinner.. Starting to think about setting up the garden for the warm season crops now.. Feels strange really as most channels I watch are in […]

The California Garden In September – Harvests & Fall Planting Guide

In today’s episode we show you how the California Garden looks like in the month of September. We show you summer harvests of vegetables like Eggplants, Gourds, Okra, Peppers, Cucumbers and also show you what’s growing in the California Garden in September we have everything for you! Enjoy this episode of summer gardening by looking […]

The California Garden In June – Tomatoes, Grapes & More! – in 4K

In today’s episode we will look at how the California Garden looks like in the month of June. There are seven parts to this video In Part 1 we take a tour of the Southern California Garden this month. We have a lot of vegetables growing in the garden which include onions, okra, kale, tomatoes, […]