These Foods Can Boost Eye Health!

Help support us at Stay connected with our free email newsletter at Learn about what kinds of foods are most beneficial for supporting eye health. Dr. Elizabeth Johnson discusses foods that contain lutein, a key nutrient in eye health, and how much is recommended per day. Most people are getting just a fraction […]

How To Find and Eliminate Inflammatory Foods

Help support us at Stay connected at Nutrition expert JJ Virgin discusses her book and diet program that can help you identify and eliminate foods that you are intolerant to or react to, but may not realize it. Find out what it feels like to actually feel good with the help of this […]

Why Humans Are Sick and How to Change It!

Help support us at Stay updated weekly at Dr. James Chestnut gives a great synopsis of what is making humans generally so unhealthy and what we need to do to get back to optimum health. His explanation and example could make you change the way you think about your day to day routines!

This Could be Behind All Chronic Disease!

Stay updated weekly at Help support us at Author and nutritionist Helayne Waldman discusses what is considered a major underlying cause of most, if not all chronic disease. Find out what this key factor is, why it’s so common and how we can keep it at bay naturally!

Cholesterol in Your Diet? Worry About This Instead!

You can help support us here: Stay connected with weekly updates: How much does your cholesterol level depend on what is in your diet? Dr. Stephen Sinatra discusses this and you might be surprised at what he says! He also discusses what you really should be concentrating on more when it comes to […]

The Reasons We Make Poor Lifestyle Decisions Are Simple!

Support us at Stay connected at It’s safe to say that most of us know the benefit of choosing a healthy diet and lifestyle over the alternatives. But why is it that we so often choose something else? Dr. James Chestnut offers a great explanation of what happens to our decision-making process and […]

Organic is Most Important With These Products!

Stay connected at Help support us here: Just how important is it to choose organic? It can often cost more and is it really worth it? Does it depend on the product? Nutrition expert JJ Virgin says that it does. Find out where she recommends you spend the extra money!

3 Supplements That Help Chronic Pain

Support us at Stay connected weekly at So many people deal with chronic pain and many of those are on medications that can be either addiction or harmful to the body over the long haul. Dr. Heather Tick offers some alternatives for people to start relieving that pain naturally! Find out what she […]

How to Lose 7 Pounds in a Week!

Support us at Sign up for our free email newsletter at It’s a big part of JJ Virgin’s book, The Virgin Diet. In it she discusses how you can lose 7 pounds in just seven days. Find out how this can help you kick start a healthy lifestyle and not make it just […]

Deciding Against Vaccination–They’re Doing This Instead

Support our site here: Stay connected with our email newsletter! This father and chiropractic patient discusses why his family chose chiropractic for their newborn as well as their decision against vaccination. Also learn about how appointments for their baby helped the entire family find wellness.