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FOUNDATION WARS !!! 31 Drugstore – Budget Reviewed~ Is Your fave Here?

After the success of my recent High End Foundation wars video, I decided to do a version with Drugstore Foundations. This will help those of you on a budget. : ) I selected 31 different foundations…and the results may surprise you! : D Mind you, I tested with my own skin which is dry […]

March FAVES & FLOPS ! 2017

A busy month! See my flops and loves for the month of March…some new things I’ve never tried before! Hugs and love to Colleen… xoxox You are In my thoughts… Amarte BB Cream: STELLAR Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: STELLAR Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation: PUROLOGY CONDITION-CLEANSER: Charco Caps: […]

TAG ! Get To Know Me! … Also… A HOUSE Tour! Mrs Ginger

I watched Mandy doing this TAG and I just had to do it too! 21 Questions and a House Tour! She got it from Mrs Ginger, so here are their videos: September Beauty’s Video: Ginger’s Video: My Father’s Funeral Video: THE TAG QUESTIONS: 1. What is the meaning of your channel name? 2. Why […]

DermaRolling 101 ! Derma Roller Lesson for Older Faces ! Improve your skin!

A lesson in how to use a Derma Roller, an inexpensive home device that helps bring out beautiful new smoother skin within 3 months! This is my 2nd installment with the derma roller…Doing this every 2 weeks for 3 months…we’ll see if this thing actually works or not. Skincare while using this roller is discussed […]