Backyard Aquaponic IBC system, New air system & radial flow filter 14th February 2013

Been a few additions to the set up over the past week.. A new air compressor & filter were added to the system… Both are a bit of overkill for now but will come in handy when the system expands.. Had a bit of a scare with the fish the other day.. The water became […]

Saving Mango seeds & some hitch hiking bugs..

We were saving some mango seeds to send to an online friend but unfortunately some beetles found them first.. Out of the 6 saved we lost 4 so I decided to open them up to give you a look at what the seed looks like inside the husk.. Not sure what type of beetle they […]

Aquaponic update.. Water quality, Algae bloom testing, Buffering pH & Happy fish..

Time for a bit of an update on the water quality issues the system was having last week.. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions & ideas on what the problem could be & how to handle it.. Was great to see that level of interest & help from online friends.. I think time was […]

How to make Tomato powder & paste from home grown Tomatoes..

Made up some tomato powder from our first decent harvest of tomatoes in years.. For us it is the best way I can think of to store the tomatoes so we can save some space in the pantry for other bulky items.. As tomatoes end up being stewed down in most of the hot meals […]

How to Harvest broccoli to get more from your plants…

Broccoli would have to be one of my favorite plants to grow.. It starts off with a nice tidy little head of green goodness only to go onto providing you with countless meals of side shoots for months to come.. We were concerned that we didn’t plant enough broccoli for the season but we have […]

Aquaponic update & future plans 19th July 2013

Wasn’t going to post an update, was just taking some vision of the fish for fun & got carried away.. The fish are going great, growth is good & all is running as it should šŸ™‚ Have been talking about the plans to re do the pipes in the system for a while now & […]