Monthly Garden Series – July 2017 – Summer Harvest Month

Welcome to the California Garden in July 2017. In today’s episode we have a lot of gardening tips for you. We first take a tour of the Southern California garden located in Irvine, California, Zone 10. We then look at all the plants – fruits, vegetables and herbs that are growing in the California garden. […]

June Garden, Vacation Gardening Moments From India & More!

In today’s episode we look at the June garden when we came back from our vacation. We also look at how gardening is done around the world, this time in India. We look at the garden tour of our Irvine garden, then look at some gardens and plant nurseries in India and finally we look […]

The May Garden – Summer Harvests, Gardening Tips & More

In today’s episode of Souther California Gardening in Irvine, Zone 10, we show you the California Garden in May. We take a tour of the garden, we look at the harvests we made this month, what’s growing in the California garden and some things to do in your garden this month

Straw Bale Gardening – Conditioning the Bale

Straw or hay bale gardening is a great inexpensive way to make weed free raised beds for growing vegetables anywhere! Perfect for small space gardening as well as larger plots producing lots of food in minimal space. This video shows you exactly how to condition your bales so that you can grow vegetables directly into […]

Square Foot Vegetable Gardening – Part two

How to plant your own urban garden using the Quickcrop Square Foot Vegetable Gardening method. Square foot gardening is all about taking advantage of smaller spaces and raised garden beds to maximise your crop output. This is typically done by dividing the raised bed into square sections 12 inches per side using gardening twine or […]

Growing The Best Oranges – Washington Navel Orange

In today’s episode we look at growing the Washington Navel Orange. This orange variety is sometimes also called California Navel orange because it grows great in the state of California, especially Southern California. This orange was imported in the 1800s from Bahia, Brazil and made popular by Eliza Tibbets who was a resident of Riverside, […]

Feeding Compost worms, Worm bin update Part 1 & thanks to all Subscribers….

Feeding the worms up a treat as we don’t think the Mangels will flower in our climate… Most impressed with their processing of the Horse manure they were given about 2 months ago… Thanks as well to everyone who has subbed… I find YT a sanity break from my everyday Spawn wrangling & thoroughly enjoy […]