Non Beauty Haul, Well, Sort Of…

The last four years, I purchased the Erin Condren Planner, but this year I went with something different. So, since I was placing an order from Michaels, there were a few items I needed. Two of my purchases were suggested to me, by a couple of viewer’s. My Experience With Permanent Eyeliner (This video was […]

Downsizing? You Won’t Want to Miss This Advice!

On the surface, downsizing sounds simple… just put everything that you don’t need in boxes, throw them away – and voila! – you have successfully downsized your life. In reality, downsizing is more complicated. The scale of the problem is overwhelming. You have to deal with emotions. Sorting through valuable and sentimental items is tricky. […]

Steppin’ Out of Our Comfort Zone~Collab With Swoozebird

This is a collaboration with my friend, Swoozebird. We will be “Steppin” Out of Our Comfort Zone,” together. I hope you visit Swoozie, and tell her I said hello. Please continue to prayer for our friend Colleen. Swoozebird’s video: A couple of videos I mentioned: How I shave my face video: My very […]

Your Life is Already Awesome… and it Can Be Even Better! | Mornings | 01-07-17

Even if your life isn’t all ice-cream and sprinkles (and, let’s be honest… whose is?) you have to admit that being 60 is an amazing accomplishment. We all have so much to be thankful for. At the same time, there is also denying that life can always be better. So, today, I would like to […]

How Are You Reinventing Yourself? What Are Your Passions? | Mornings | 01-01-17

On the surface, it seems like the ideas of “accepting yourself” and “reinventing yourself” are at odds. After all, if you love yourself unconditionally, why would you want to change yourself? In my opinion, it’s not that simple. Reinventing yourself doesn’t mean bending to society’s expectations. It means finding what you love about yourself and […]