Kipfler potato harvest…

Bit of a disappointment… At least the bugs got a good feed from them… Subscribing to us at Bits Out the Back is as easy as clicking below You can also find Bits Out the Back on Facebook, Instagram & G+ where we post mini updates on the aquaponics/aquaculture, chooks, worms, wicking bed gardens […]

Potato Harvest at 13 weeks…

The Spuds had been in for 13 weeks & the plants were starting to wilt a bit so we though we would pull one… On closer inspection we think they may be lacking a good drink… The rest will be left until they die off… Not a great result as you can see but enough […]

Potato harvest (of sorts) form the Backyard Farm, January 2015..

Time for a look at how some of the potato bags went.. This time round I tried using the partially buried bag method to see how it would go.. If you’ve seen some of my earlier potato reveal clips you won’t be very surprised at all 😀 I did have a full clip planned but […]

Purple Sapphire potato harvest, almost a decent crop ;-)

Hey Folks. Was asked if I’d do a harvest clip for the purple sapphire potatoes so here you go. Must say that it was one of our better harvest from the past few crops of spuds but still not up to the standards of folks like Dan from the “allotment diary” and Brendan from the […]