Downsizing? You Won’t Want to Miss This Advice!

On the surface, downsizing sounds simple… just put everything that you don’t need in boxes, throw them away – and voila! – you have successfully downsized your life. In reality, downsizing is more complicated. The scale of the problem is overwhelming. You have to deal with emotions. Sorting through valuable and sentimental items is tricky. […]

Do You Worry About Running Out of Money in Retirement? | Mornings | 01-12-17

To a certain extent, all of us worry about money. But, for some of us, our situation can seem so serious that money becomes a singular focus, something that we worry about all the time. Today, I would like to share 10 tips for defeating the worry gene so that you can prepare for retirement […]

Kathy Waite Saskatchewan Regina fee only financial planner Testimonial HD

Kathy Waite Fee only financial planner in Regina Saskatchewan . Plans before products! Helping you retire while you are still young enough to enjoy it Retirement income and lifestyle planning Investment strategy advice Straight forward advice you can use no product sales Working for my clients not representing a big company Contact me to find […]

Are These Beliefs About Money Holding You Back? | Mornings | 01-05-17

I’d like to say that money doesn’t matter, but, let’s be honest… it does. At the very least, money gives you choices. It allows you to pursue your passions and opens up a world of travel opportunities. Unfortunately, as I have discovered while talking with the women in our community, many of us have limiting […]