Molasses based fertiliser using seaweed emulsion or worm “juice”/castings tea..

We have seen some great growth lately after applying molasses based liquid fertilisers so thought I would share how we have been mixing it up.. Will be moving onto a worn “juice”/wee & worm casting tea once the seaweed emulsion runs out.. JUST A QUICK NOTE.. Blackstrap is the molasses that is left after the […]

Wicking bed & Straw bale garden update.. 1st May 2013

Really love the growth the garden puts on at this time of year but with the milder weather creeping up on us I think I will be wishing it was spring soon enough.. The hay bale bed looks to be working just fine & am looking forward to planting out some spuds soon.. Have made […]

Hay bale garden update & other plans.. 11th July 2013

Time for a bit of an update on how the front garden is travelling.. The hay bale beds are growing well & a start has been made putting some of the permanent beds in position too.. Will hopefully be off to pick up some more IBCs for the other beds in the next few weeks […]

Wicking bed vegetable garden & update on the chickens 11th july 2013

Time for a wander through the patch in the backyard.. Am happy with how things are growing & have been harvesting a few veggies every day to go with our dinner.. Starting to think about setting up the garden for the warm season crops now.. Feels strange really as most channels I watch are in […]

Wicking bed garden walk through, update on the rats & garlic..

Time for another wander through the patch.. Marked a few jobbies off the list but still have some of the larger ones to go.. Getting the beds ready for the warm weather crops is the top priority at the moment so will be feeding up the beds this weekend & hope to make a start […]

Front yard veggie garden update, dodgy soil & a small dragon.. 6th Feb 2014

Wasn’t planning on posting an update clip so soon on the front patch but thought it might interest some that are into wicking/self watering beds.. Think I need a bit more work on my soil blends as I am having a few issues with drainage.. We still had our best year ever for melons so […]