JC Apologizes to Vietnam and Its People

I want to formally apologize to Vietnam and its people. Our RetireCheap.Asia membership site – REAL life details you need to live in SE Asia / Thailand plus connect with other like-minded people at: http://goo.gl/M0nMT5

When I first arrived to do a series of videos about cities in Vietnam where it might be good places to retire I was overwhelmed by the driving habits, the horn honking and the attitude of the older Vietnamese people. By contrast to where I live normally these issues were quite obtrusive and I made many comments throughout the series that might have been perceived as quite harsh.

I feel these comments I made might be taken as a generalization of my feelings about Vietnam and it’s people so I made this video to not only apologize but to set the record straight as to my feelings about the country and its people. I sincerely enjoyed my time in Vietnam and grew to appreciate the people and its culture. But maybe work on that horn honking!!!

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